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Hello Everyone!
First of all, many, many, many apologies! I have not posted since that crazy east coast storm back in July. Life took over for a bit – well to be truthful it down right jacked my up by my collar, slammed me into a wall and smacked me around a bit. I was studying for an exam which I passed and woohoo glad that’s all over now. I hope you’re all still out there – again I’m very sorry – but now I’m back and super happy about it!

Well I hope you all enjoyed the Olympics, I did it’s one of my fave things ever. Plus I was very proud that my hometown London did such a great job! Now that I’m footloose and exam-free, I decided not to go back into bad habits and start back watching reality TV – no offense to those of you still hooked. Keep the faith, you’ve gotta want to quit – I’m pulling for you.  I needed a quick fix of fun and frivolousness and so turned to my iStuffs and apps. And yes I know there are a gazillion apps out there but I think the following are kind of cool and really useful. And for either free or well close to it – less than a US dollar, you may find these helpful too. I am still in search of more apps so please, please post your cool apps too so I can snag them. Sorry to be biased to the iPhone – I was a die hard Crack berry girl but alas had to switch so que sera sera.

The Pill / myPill or  Period Tracker / Track It
Fellas stay put. Don’t act like this doesn’t concern you too. Ladies, I am willing to put good money down to say at least 99.999% of you had at least one month of an ‘Oh shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!’ minute.  Well have those moments no more.
Like the advert says; ‘If you’ve got a phone – you’ve got a lawyer’. Well I say ‘If you’ve got this app, you may not got a baby.. this month.. at least .. well maybe’. Either the The Pill or myPill app, well is pretty self explanatory and you can set up reminders to take that little sucker or whatever baby-preventer you’re using. While all little ones are a complete blessing, it’s still time to stop crossing those fingers and toes doesn’t and trying to decide which of your lungs to sell to find the $1300 a month for daycare. Just get the app already.

Breast Feeding
Now I know from a my friend – Mum of twins – who told me on many a night she’d wake up to one crying baby, look back over at the other sleeping baby, now back over to the crying baby and had no clue who the hell she’d fed 38 minutes ago. I could so see doing that on the regular. Being a good Mummy of twins, she did not permanent marker ‘fed’ and ‘not-fed’ on their foreheads – but muddled through. However, I know she could have used this app. For a breast feeding app on steroids get Milk Maid. This app helps you manage your milk production with pump, use and move stats, pumping bar charts, future forecast projections, ROI.. OK I’m lying about the last two but it is nifty!
Calm down. While this is not really an app per say, I had to feature it. So I’m watching my friend Lisa on her iPad all giggly and giddy and I ask her what she’s looking at. She tells me ‘You don’t look at’.  Initially, I buried my hands in my head, closed my eyes and wondered what kind of special program was I going to be able to get her into for the intensive help she clearly needed.  She was like ‘No seriously, people post photos of delicious food!’ We are all ‘special’ in our own way so I decided to indulge her and take a look. 3-nano seconds later I was hooked, drooling and looking for a cigarette. Yeah – it’s good! A site showing extreme close ups of yummy food – to quote the Luther Ingram song, “If loving ‘FoodPorn’Daily is wrong, I don’t wanna be right”.

One of my faves! Ever have a line or lines to a song in your head and your friends are just plain useless and can’t tell you what it is? Enter SoundHound – music recognition software. Click ‘Tap Here’ and as out of tune, out of beat and as loud as you want belt out those words. If it’s a real song, SoundHound will find it and show you the full lyrics. Now for a caveat. It’s not the greatest when it comes to instrumentals, as my friend Shawn found out when we were in cell-phone-dead-zone Hershey Park, where it failed. However between you and me, I know I was not the only one in the group watching Shawn beat-bopping and scatting and thinking ‘Shawn stop playing, that’s not even a song – you made that up, stop playing.’ SoundHound can only do so much.

The paid version of RL Classic, simply a bar code scanner/reader. No more driving to 3 stores to find out where the cheapest anything is. From the comfort of your couch complete with stack of pistachio shells, zap the barcode of say the toothpaste box and it will tell who has it the cheapest – Target, Walgreen, Wal-Mart, Amazon etc. Of course, I know some of you lovely peeps out there would rather cut off your arm then get that same toothpaste for $0.65 less from the Dollar Store – but hey, at least you’ll know what you’re overspending by. I’m not judging.

Mint / Bill Tracker
Find out instantly how much money you don’t have and what 10 direct-debits are about to be snatched out of your bank account at 7 tomorrow morning. Armed with this knowledge, it’s up to you to do the right thing and put back those 8 pairs of shoes and quietly tip the ‘eff out of DSW. I heart these apps.

Dropbox (or some sort of cloud storage)
Not much to say on this one, but everyone needs some sort of cloud storage. Yep I said it twice. You know you’re going to 1. drop your phone in the toilet/sink/body of water, 2. lose it or 3. give it to your kids to play with not realising they have found a way to delete all kinds of important shit off your phone. Back it up in the cloud baby, back it up in the cloud.The Night Sky
Great app, for kids and adults alike. Just hold the phone up, move around and you can see all the constellations, stars, planets and what not. Just don’t blame me when you see your little one half way down the street with your phone trying to find Ursa Major. I did not tell them to go that far.

These are videos of well how to perform CPR and assist someone who is choking. You’ll see video’s specifically to assist adults, children/infants. Very quick and easy to follow, so no need to reply on you remembering that one episode of CSI where they showed you how to perform CPR but you really didn’t see it all because you go up to pee. Get the app, save a life.
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